In order to start working with principles of perception, we are going to create a collage. We are going to work in groups of three people.

The goal of the project was to create a series of three collages that together, demonstrated the six main gestalt laws of composition. Each composition had to center around two laws and was to be made up of found images reproduced on a photocopier, with variety being added through adjusting contrast, scaling, mirroring, and otherwise manipulating the images using the copier.
The materials allowed are:
– A drawing sheet.
– Two paper sheets of the same colour to create the background.
– An image that you can choose.
– Two or more photocopies of that image in black and white.
– Scissors.
– Glue stick.
Here you can see some examples of different collages created by some current collagists. Most of them are based in deconstructivism and Gestalt laws.

Same exercise created by Studentshow.

Collage 1.
Principals Used: Repetition and Containment.

Collage 2.
Principals Used: Continuity and Proximity.
Collage 3.
Principals Used: Closure and Grouping.

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